Special health tour program for high level immunity at Gongtoridaebang thermotherapy clinic in sungsung traditional medical clinic.
Treatment programs
▶Iris examination
▶Acupuncture, Moxibustion
▶Gongtori-daebang Thermotherapy
▶Bath therapy
▶Yang-yang-kang Yong Uong Celadon
Primary areas of treatment
-Adult diseases
Application and Consultation
- Iris examination
- Acupuncture, Moxibustion

: acupuncture treatment charged with the full overlapped gravity energy and improve one´s physical constitution with it
: moxa cautery (using Yongeong celadon porcelain hold) - increasing inernal organ function and immunity

function and immunity
- Gongtoridaebang treatment
- Baththerapy treatment : special herb spa
- Yangyangkang-kwangkwangja treatment
Main treat
- immunotherapy
- gynecology
- adult disease
- constitutional improvement & Punupung puncture
Treatment field
The Gongtoridaebang thermotherapy clinic room

Honeycomb shaped thermotherapy clinic cells decoruted with Yong Uong Celadon tiles inlaid turtle design

You can restore the vital energy from the gongtoridaebang on the baby was supplied the energy in mother's womb.

Effective :
chronic fatigue
postsergical problem
generatively functional problem
skin disease

These Gongtoridaebang introduced high-level technic(the full overlapped gravitational field) of the Ministry of Environment affiliated Institute of Asia-Pacific Earth-Life Environment Remediation Association that restore contaminated seed or food from radiation, agrichemicals and herbicide
  - Aditional explain of Gongtoridaebang
  If a person is lost one's immunity, The person suffers from various affections and adult diseases.
  furthermore, the person is indeed not easy to recover.

The Gongtoridaebang raises one's immunity, protects oneself from deseases in advance, It also helps the person to maintain good health.

The Gongtoridaebang was composed with ten rooms, the same number , as if the person were born out of the mother's womb after ten months. so It is called " Mutangtuna system(A womb construction)"

The Gongtoridaebang had the frame made with the best quality's yellow soil, also decorated with a Yongeong celadon porcelain hexagon tile, which is the core know-how of the genuine Goryeo celadon procelain.

The Yongeong celadon porcelain clarifies the water, It is distinguished as an antidote against the toxicity. It converts the bad energy such like the electrowaveforms, a water vein waveforms to good energy, and neutralizes them.

It raises the immunity by utilizing Jungcheopjungryeokjang(HJ-technology, Full overlapping gravitational field energy). The Gongtoridaebang clarifies the blood and body fluids and it put life into body as well as it neutralizes the toxicity and raises the immunity.

The Gongtoridaebang is the best natural clinic,The technology of the Gongtori-daebang Thermotherapy room is provided by the Asia-Pacific Earth-Life Environment Remediation Association, an affiliate of the Ministry of the Environment, which uses its technology to restore contaminated seeds caused by radiation, agrichemicals, and herbicides.

Bath therapy
Bath therapy consists of various herbs, mineral salts and sugar, aromas, and Pung-miin soap, which helps to revitalize your body.
Curing medicine
Herb medicine
The herb medicine is decocted in a double boiler(stainless and Yongeong celadon ) with all our heart and soul. this mthod raise the energy of herb medicine because of gravity energy intro Yongeong celadon . and using natural gas fuel is good for human body than electricity fuel
Medicinal pills
-Gongjindan( Restorative (nourishing of the blood and cardiotonic)pill for postoperative recovery, chronic fatigue, constitutional weakness)
- in historic medical book Donguibgam by Heojun, registered UNESCO. made of the young antlers of the deer, Angelica gigas, Cornus officinalis, musk)
-Hyangdaran(for strengthening brain function and stress reduction)
-Yeonsimjung(for restoration menopausal disorder, autoimmune )
-Yangguive( for support lower belly above the bladder, urogenital trouble of wom en)
- Hyanghyangdyan(for gathering one’s strength)
- Cheongsimhwan containing ox bezoar, pills that clear one's heart
The nasal cavity spray
-Inhale Spray for respiratory organs(indicant of catarrh, rhinitis)

The multi purpose Spray
-Inhale Spray for respiratory organs(indicant of catarrh, rhinitis)
Korean herb spirituous liquor
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Medical diagnosis
-Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu : 9:30 a.m ~ 7:00p.m
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Traffic guidance
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and then take a taxi to Himchan Hospital(basic fare). Our clinic is in the building right across the street.